The Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is a coalition of brewers, brewing community partners, and conservationists committed to protecting the forests, wildlands, and waters that make our state a great place to live, work, and enjoy great beer. Alliance members work together to educate the craft beer drinking community about protected watersheds and their essential role in Oregon’s celebrated craft brewing industry.

The term “brewshed®” refers to the watersheds where brewers and breweries source their water to brew craft beer. Beer is over 90% water, so the quality of this essential ingredient is paramount to the quality of the microbrew. Our purest, best-tasting water comes from rivers and streams flowing through unspoiled public forestlands. By protecting and restoring these forest watersheds, we’re protecting the source of Oregon craft beer. Brewshed® is a trademark of Washington Wild. Our colleagues are working to protect the wildlands and waters in Washington State that allow Washington’s craft brewing industry to thrive through their initiative, the Washington Wild Brewshed® Alliance.

The original charter members of the Alliance when launched in April 2015 included:

  • Oregon Wild
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing, Portland
  • Migration Brewing, Portland
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland
  • Claim 52 Brewing, Eugene
  • Elk Horn Brewery, Eugene
  • Fort George Brewery, Astoria
  • GoodLife Brewing, Bend
  • Beers Made By Walking

As the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance continues to grow, we’ll update our page of current Brewshed® Partners here.

Alliance partners, whether breweries or community affiliates, recognize the connection between brewing great beer and protecting the forests and watersheds that make it possible. Partners sign a pledge to support the protection and restoration of the forests, wildlands, and waters that are the lifeblood of Oregon’s renowned microbrews. In fulfillment of this pledge, Alliance partners host and participate in Oregon Brewshed® Alliance events including the annual spring Oregon Brewshed® Brewfest, and others which may include:

  • Happy hours and pint nights, donating a % of sales
  • Donating beer to Oregon Brewshed® Alliance/Oregon Wild events
  • Crafting special beers with tapping events and/or sales proceeds going to the Alliance
  • Collaborating with other Alliance members for special brews, hikes, and events

Additionally, depending on brewery size and/or desired membership benefits, partners can contribute at a higher financial level to support the Alliance and specific projects.

As Brewshed® Alliance partners, craft breweries demonstrate their long-term commitment to the brewing of exceptional beer with pure, protected, locally-sourced water. Actively promoting its partners to consumers throughout Oregon, the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is designed to resonate with those who love Oregon, care about the environment, support local businesses, and love good beer. Alliance partners receive exposure to new consumers and markets, increased impressions on existing consumers, and increased consumer affinity and loyalty through (but not limited to) the following:

  • Featured location on the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance website and in other promotional materials and ads for the Alliance
  • Promotion on the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance email interest list and through Oregon Wild’s support network reaching over 20,000 people
  • Invitations to annual Oregon Brewshed® Alliance partner gatherings, guided brewshed® tours, and other events to connect with Oregon Wild’s efforts to conserve Oregon’s forest watersheds
  • Representation as part of the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance at brewfests and other community events

Alliance partners are also granted use of Alliance materials, including the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance logo and name affiliation, to promote their commitments to Oregon communities and protected watersheds for sustainable, high-quality brewing.

All funds raised through Oregon Brewshed® Alliance will both directly support Oregon Wild’s conservation efforts to protect forests and watersheds across the state as well as outreach and education for Alliance efforts.

If your brewery is interested in joining the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance, contact us at at

Yes! If your business or organization is not a brewery but involved or affiliated with the craft brewing industry, you can join the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance as Brewing Community Partner. You’ll sign an Oregon Brewshed® Alliance pledge and collaborate with Oregon Wild and other partners to determine the best ways to participate and further the Alliance mission. Contact us at if you’re interested in joining as a Brewing Community Partner.

If you are an individual who simply enjoys Oregon’s amazing craft beer, you can support the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance by joining Oregon Wild’s email list, attending Alliance events in your area, and by choosing Brewshed® Partner beers when you have your next pint.

One thing we’re particularly excited about is Oregon’s River Democracy Act of 2021. Introduced in February 2021, this bill would protect 4,700 miles of rivers and streams in Oregon, including important water sources for communities and breweries. Learn more and get engaged here.

We’re also continuing our efforts to protect 500,000 acres in and around Crater Lake National Park as Wilderness, protecting the headwaters of the Rogue, Umpqua, Klamath, and Deschutes, as well as securing a 75-mile wildlife corridor between Crater Lake and the Klamath Basin. We’re working to address Oregon’s statewide Wilderness deficit through proposals for the Wild Rogue, the Kalmiopsis, and areas left out of the 2009 Mount Hood Wilderness bill (including the beautiful Tamanawas Falls).

Additionally, our work to uphold environmental protections of the Northwest Forest Plan and other laws, protect fish and wildlife that depend on our remaining old-growth, and develop a common sense vision for timber needs without cutting old-growth or logging in roadless areas will have us engaged in high-level forest policy conversations across the state. We’ll also continue to be a strong voice for gray wolf recovery in Oregon alongside our campaign to reform the budget and policies of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.