Oregon Brewshed® Alliance

Protecting Oregon beer at its source.

Here in Oregon we enjoy recreation on pristine wildlands and impeccable craft brews – sometimes both simultaneously. But without protected watersheds and clean water, neither the wild landscapes nor the hoppy, malty beverages we enjoy could thrive.

Beer is over 90% water after all, and that water is a product of the land it flows through, so our Northwest microbrews are intimately connected with our Northwest land. Great beer doesn’t start at the tap…

Great beer begins with clean water.

The water drawn from the taps of two-thirds of Oregonians comes from our state’s rivers, streams, and lakes. Our cleanest water comes from rivers and streams flowing through unspoiled public forest lands. Unfortunately, many of our waterways have been degraded by pollution, dams, logging, and other development over the last century.

The good news is that by protecting and restoring Oregon’s forests and rivers, we can safeguard our clean water, sustain our economy, and maintain a thriving brewing industry. Recognizing the synergy between the mission of brewing great beer, protecting the rivers and watersheds that make it possible, and the value of good brews and a healthy environment to Oregonians, Oregon Wild is working to create a partnership between brewers and conservationists who are committed to protecting the forests, wildlands, and waters that make our state such a great place to live, work, and enjoy great beer. We call it the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance.

A commitment to Oregon communities, conservation, and exceptional beer.

Announced in April 2015, the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is a coalition of brewers, craft brew community partners, and conservationists advocating for the protection of forests and watersheds. Together, members of the Alliance work to educate the beer drinking community about protected watersheds and their essential role in Oregon’s celebrated craft brewing industry. Pint nights, special brews, beer fests, and brewshed® hikes serve as a platform for outreach and education, and give craft beer enthusiasts a chance to support the Oregon brewers committed to leadership in sustainability and conservation.

Think wild. Drink wild.

Oregonians care about what they buy and consume – we’re a values-based community that invests in the quality of what we drink and how it’s made through our consumer choices. So speak your values through each pint; speak up for great beer and the clean water required to make it. When you drink beer crafted by Oregon Brewshed® Alliance member breweries, you’re protecting the beer you love by protecting its source. You’re protecting forests and watersheds and protecting Oregon as a craft brewing icon. When you go out for your next pint, don’t take your beer for granted. Think wild, drink wild (responsibly of course) by supporting Alliance partners and their pledge to protect their brewshed® and craft beer.

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