“When most people think of beer ingredients – they think of hops and barley. Yet, what we strive for is a complete, clean taste in what we create here at Yachats Brewing. Having access to the purity that is the Salmon Creek, we are fortunate to be able to use that water and make amazing beer. We also do not take for granted the importance of water preservation. It is crucial to our mission to use the water with intention and gratitude.”

Charlie Van Meter, Head Brewer at Yachats Brewing.

Yachats Brewing

Mission: Yachats Brewing creates high-quality brews celebrating the unique beauty and culture of Yachats, Oregon.

Established: 2015

Based: 348 Hwy 101 N, Yachats, Oregon 97498

Website: yachatsbrewing.com

About: Yachats Brewing is located on the central Oregon Coast, in the village of Yachats. Our building, originally built as a bank in 1965, was transformed using almost entirely reclaimed and recycled building materials. Our custom 10 barrel brewhouse is biodiesel fired. Renewable energy from our on-site EIP wind turbine controls the temperature in our fermentors and coolers. Yachats Brewing and Farmstore is a reflection of its place; a unique character celebrating the culture of the coastal village and inland farms. Our menu is focused on locally farmed and wildcrafted ingredients, including our popular in-house fermented vegetables and vine maple smoked meats.

We partner with the Oregon Brewshed Alliance because we depend on the nearby local Yachats River to make our fresh, hand-crafted beer. We want to protect this amazing resource not just because we want our beer to be high quality, but because we want the local community and businesses who also rely on this special resource to have a safe, untainted water source. Being a part of OBA helps in these endeavors and gives us a wider voice in making sure this precious resource stays protected for our community.