/ˈwīldkraft/ :verb
The conscious decision to rely upon the resources at our disposal rather than those of our desire.

WildCraft Cider Works

Mission: Our community’s mission is to preserve habitat, heritage, and culture through crafting a desire out of our disposal.

Established: 2013

Origin: Eugene, Oregon

Website: wildcraftciderworks.com

About: WildCraft Cider Works is Eugene’s first cidery. We create our products using traditional methodology and natural fermentation practices. Our offerings use fruit from untamed heritage orchard sites which exist on both public and private lands, primarily in Lane County and the southern Willamette Valley.  Our mission is to create a high-quality product that is harvested by us and our community, in support of agricultural heritage preservation as well as to aid conservation efforts in our surrounding habitat. Through this practice, we are able to harness volumes of invaluable ingredients to make truly unique ciders that distinctly represent our local landscape and history. Untamed trees rely on zero irrigation, sprays or fertilizers which help us to produce a commercial product where procurement has no environmental impact.

FOR YOU! We love to share the stories of these local lands with you and offer a unique way to experience them.. through taste! This project is created for you to enjoy!

We are located at 232 Lincoln St. at the base of the iconic Skinner’s Butte in Eugene, Oregon. At our community space, we offer educational events, non-profit gatherings, private party space, live music, tasting room, and Thai food!