Portland Brewing

Mission: At our brewery, you’ll find a peculiar mix of overly obsessive individuals passionately creating something the civilized world simply can’t live without: great beer.

Established: 1986 (aka MacTarnahan’s 2004-2013)

Based: Portland, Oregon

Website: portlandbrewing.com


Portland Brewing Company lives by the Triple Bottom Line philosophy that emphasizes and rewards positive contributions toward the company’s financial success, community betterment, and environmental stewardship. We do a number of things to reduce our impact on the environment, and continue to track improvements and build upon them.

Our spent yeast and spent grains are used for their nutritional value by local dairy farmers, thereby keeping them out of the landfills and water treatment plants. Our carbon footprint is tracked and capital projects are executed to reduce the impact. We have partnered with the Energy Trust of Oregon to make improvements to our lighting, refrigeration, and brew house. We have an effective heat exchange system that captures heat from the brewing process and reuses it for hot water. We incentivize all employees to reduce water usage and have seen tremendous improvement in our water usage per barrel of beer produced. We have committed to further engineering studies that will lead to more capital investment in reducing waste water and preserving this natural resource. Beyond that we have a program that pays our employees to volunteer for many community causes including environmental cleanup.