Oakshire Brewing

Mission: Strength. Independence. Community. Dedicated to making fine craft beer.

Established: 2006

Location: 207 Madison Street, Eugene, Oregon

Website: oakbrew.com

About: Begun in October 2006 by brothers Jeff and Chris Althouse, Oakshire Brewing is a 15-barrel production brewery in Eugene, Oregon dedicated to making fine craft beer. What began as a home-brewing hobby and a love of beer has turned into award-winning beer on draft and in bottles throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The name Oakshire represents our core values: Strength, like the enduring Oak; Independence, which fuels our innovation; and Community, remembering our place within the whole.

Community & Sustainability

There is always something communal happening at Oakshire. We host classes, tastings, and community events as a way to introduce more people to Oakshire and each other.  We also regularly partner with non-profits in our community to promote events and help raise funds.

You may find us planting trees in our neighborhood or helping to facilitate an art auction for the local humane society or even brewing up special beers to acknowledge the public utility that provides our water.  We love where we work and really love the community where we live and do business.

Clean water is essential to the brewing process and is a focus point of the Oakshire Brewing community. Protecting source water for brewing also enhances the communities we serve, preserving drinking water and outdoor activities alike. Eugene was chosen as Oakshire’s location in part due to the accessibility of clean, soft water from the McKenzie River. Since 2013, Oakshire Brewing has partnered with our local land conservation group, the McKenzie River Trust. One percent of Watershed IPA sales revenue is set aside for the protection of local watersheds in the territories where the beer is sold, helping to preserve the clean water that is so vital to our community and our beer.