Happy Mountain Kombucha

Mission: Our mission is to fuel and inspire the adventurous spirit of those who value their health and the outdoors by brewing a kombucha that everyone can enjoy.

Vision: To support a world where people are inspired to make healthy and sustainable choices for their bodies and the environment.

Based: Portland, Oregon

Website: happymountainkombucha.com

About: Happy Mountain Kombucha brews the best kombucha you have ever experienced! Light and bubbly, HMK is designed to be refreshing without the need of adding juice. Our low sugar, undiluted kombucha is full probiotics that have countless benefits to your health!

Happy Mountain Kombucha was created to inspire people to find their adventurous spirit. We believe that kombucha can taste refreshing without adding extra sugar or compromising the many health benefits. Born in the Pacific Northwest, HMK values the beautiful environment we live in and the people who help maintain it. We want to help fuel all adventures by offering a healthy kombucha for everyone to enjoy. Whether your adventure is climbing the tallest mountain or floating the river, we want to be there to help fuel you and your adventures!