“As an avid hiker and mushroom forager, I have appreciated the exceptional quality of Bull Run water, beginning with unfiltered, untreated Portland water for all Funhouse Brews beers. Great beer begins with great water. I am proud to join Oregon Wild and other breweries in recognizing and protecting this resource that makes Oregon the greatest beer destination in the world.”

Jason Rizos, Funhouse Brews.

Funhouse Brews

About: A North Portland home-based Nanobrewery, Funhouse operates a 2 bbl. system and self-distributing 1/4 and 1/6 barrels. Brewmaster Jason Rizos began brewing in 2001, obtained BJCP Certification in 2006, and has won medals at the Best Florida Beer Competition, Oregon Fall Classic, and Oregon State Fair. Funhouse Styles are handcrafted, unorthodox, “chimerical” crossbreeds of classic styles, with a focus on processes and ingredients impractical or impossible on a scale larger than 2 bbls.

In addition to brewing, Jason Rizos is an author of fiction and nonfiction, and a writing teacher at Portland Community College. He enjoys exploring the wonders of Pacific Northwest outdoors with his wife and two whippets, Supernova and Delilah. Here he is pictured at Horsetail Falls with Dee.

Established: 2006

Based: Portland, Oregon

Website: www.funhousebrews.com