Ex Novo

Mission: Beer with a purpose. Bringing together the best of Portland beer and charitable culture; serving the neighborhood, our city, and the world one delicious craft beer at a time.

Established: 2014

Based: Portland, Oregon

Website: exnovobrew.com

About:  We very much believe in changing the world. We also believe that delicious craft beer and conversation can be a vehicle of this change (better beer for the greater good). Ex Novo is a nonprofit brewery start-up founded in Portland, Oregon. We want our brewery to be wildly successful, to give our customers the best beer and food we can, and when we are profitable we will give 100% of these profits toward organizations already engaged in changing the world. Some of us hunger and thirst for justice and to see relief and good in a hurting world. Some of us hunger and thirst for a meal and a fresh pint. Let’s work on satisfying both.