“While we continue to work toward protecting our watershed here on our farm, we believe true sustainability requires ongoing conversation and collaboration. We are grateful for the opportunity the Brewshed Alliance provides to engage with brewers and conservationists around the importance of protecting our watershed.”

Staci Wallace, Crosby Hop Farm, LLC.

Crosby Hop Farm

Mission: Crosby Hop Farm provides craft brewers the highest quality hop products available from around the world, delivered with an exceptional customer relationship experience. Crosby Hop Farm’s sustainable farming methods along with its meticulous processing techniques capture the essence of each hop flower, an essential ingredient in the best beverage on Earth — beer.

Established: 1900 (read more about Crosby Hop Farm history here)

Based: Woodburn, Oregon

Website: crosbyhops.com

 We market our hop products to, and value our relationships with, craft brewers, home-brewers, distributors and beer enthusiasts alike. Our primary crop is hops, which allows us the time to focus exclusively on producing quality hop products year in and year out – value, quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our operation. Our beautiful family farm is located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon Coast, with its temperate climate, the Willamette Valley is an ideal hop growing environment, producing some of the finest flavor and aroma hops in the world.


Sustainability practices: As a single commodity grower, processor and dealer, our integrated companies face many challenges when it comes to being ecologically sustainable and protecting our watershed. Given the limitations of the current farming model our industry is dependent upon, we as a company are making great strides to improve our practices as much as possible within the current model. We hope that eventually, as an industry, we can evolve beyond that model into a more harmonized and sustainable way of doing what we love – hops – and we believe that organizations like the Brewshed Alliance will go a long way to achieving that end. As certified Salmon-Safe growers, we share your vision of doing our part to protect our watershed, which requires us to become increasingly responsible stewards of our land, both in and around the hop yards, and to look beyond our land to the impact our farming practices have downstream. Another crucial component of our Salmon-Safe commitment is a focus on biodiversity, which ultimately improves the health of our watersheds.  Here at CHF, we have over 30 acres dedicated to biodiversity on our farm, including undisturbed riparian habitat.