“We believe that water is an incredible valuable resource, one that we use a lot! With the increase in population and industry, it’s important to maintain a connection and to uphold the integrity of the quality of water and environment. Plus the Brewshed team are pretty awesome!”

Phil Boyle, Coalition Brewing.

Coaltion Brewing

Mission: Our mission is to bring the American craft beer experience directly to your local community. These handcrafted beers display the character of our local region while consistently innovating with new and exciting styles to stimulate your pallet. We support local businesses and farms by donating our grains to regional agriculture and small local businesses. In this way, we are able to create a positive impact to our community along with great beer!

Established: 2010

Based: 2705 SE Ankeny St, Portland, Oregon

Website: www.coalitionbrewing.com (website currently under construction new one back up soon)

About : Coalition Brewing is a 10 barrel craft brewery located in the heart of inner SE Portland Oregon. Coalition Brewing was established in 2010 by Kiley Hoyt and Elan Walsky who met by chance and a share of love of craft beer. We pride ourselves in producing the finest, freshest, hand-crafted ales from the bountiful Pacific North West. Brewed in NW style that put American beer on the map, Coalition beer is defined by balance. Though each style is unique, they all showcase a distinct harmony of flavor and aromatics.

Sustainability/Community Efforts

Our motto is “Community through Beer.” We express this through various partnerships on collaborative projects with non-profits on a wide spectrum of areas. It gives us the opportunity to help have a positive engagement with other market segments and helping where we can. We also run our Coalator program where we invite home brewers to come in use our ingredients, pilot system and have as much or as little help from the brewers. We put that beer on tap and have a little party, highlighting the importance of supporting the folks we once came from.