Climate City Brewing Co.

About:  In March of 2015, Climate City Brewing Company re-opened the doors of the historic Brewery building on G Street in Downtown Grants Pass to begin producing some of Southern Oregon’s finest craft beer once again. Since purchasing the building, three local Oregonian couples have teamed up to refurbish and remodel the antique building into a fully-fledged microbrewery, complete with a 10-barrel brewhouse.

Now, you can find on tap a dozen beautifully crafted beers, all the way from hoppy stouts and thick, bourbon porters to kettle-soured fruited concoctions, and delicious floral, mouth-puckeringly bitter IPAs. Situated along the banks of Gilbert Creek, Climate City Brewing Company strives to uphold the strong sense of community contained in the most southern corner of Oregon and to foster our most valuable and unique asset: the stunning wilderness surrounding the Rogue Valley.

Established: 2015

Based: Grants Pass, Oregon


Sustainability & Giving Back: Sustainability and resource conservation are at the core of Climate City Brewing Company’s philosophy about business and brewing in Oregon. To work towards promoting those values, Climate City Brewing Company has partnered with local rafting company Orange Torpedo Trips, an outdoor-adventure company that hosts guided floats down the Rogue River through the heart of downtown Grants Pass. Beer from Climate City Brewing Co., is the featured beverage on each float, with customers picking out the beer they’d like to drink on the trip and having it custom canned at the brewery.

Climate City Brewing also donates labor and time to the Josephine County Food Bank at Raptor Creek Farm in Grants Pass. The current project this year is to rehab the old hop rhizomes and plant even more. The hops grown at Raptor Creek Farm are donated to Climate City Brewing to be used in the Raptor Creek Fresh Hop IPA, brewed in late August/early September. A portion of the proceeds from the beer are donated back to the Farm and food bank to help sustain the remarkable partnership.