Brewvana: Portland Brewery Tours

Mission: BREWVANA’s mission is to celebrate craft beer in Portland, Oregon! BREWVANA promotes the history and culture of the craft brewing industry, while providing their guests VIP access to the brewing community through an all-inclusive, educational, and fun journey. Born in the heart of the world’s leading craft beer industry, BREWVANA offers an intimate opportunity to sample some of the finest brews that Portland has to offer through their partnerships with the best breweries in the world.

Established: 2011

Based: Portland, Oregon


About: BREWVANA is the Ultimate Craft Brewery Tour Experience providing VIP access to Portland’s craft beer community. We go above and beyond to provide an amazing experience for our guests, but we do so in a way that best represents the breweries we visit. BREWVANA is unique in the way that we are truly connected to the brewing community and therefore able to provide our guests with a VIP tour experience that is both education and fun.

Sustainability practices:

BREWVANA supports the brewing industry and tourism industries in Portland by encouraging beer travel to our city and bringing business to the local businesses in town. By helping local small craft breweries, we are helping to stimulate the economy in our community. We have a commitment to sourcing local to other sustainably practicing businesses and have local partnerships to help support our community and donate more than 1% of sales to nonprofit organizations. All of our buses are fueled by biodiesel and we transport 14-44 people at a time to reduce the # of cars on the road and possibly intoxicated people behind the wheel. We are conscious about our footprint and encourage bike transportation for employees and have an incentive program. We strive to be as paperless as possible with digital documents and waivers on our ipads. We value our employees and offer simple IRA and health insurance to full-time staff and we are working towards full-time employment for all. We encourage responsible and respectful consumption of alcohol and educate people so they become a more valuable consumer. It is our purpose to spread craft beer awareness and appreciation globally through our fun and educational beer tasting experiences.