Breakside Brewery

Mission: At Breakside, our goal is simple: to make the highest quality beer using the highest quality ingredients – and to have a little fun in the process.  We draw inspiration from our fellow community of brewers and our surrounding environment.  We understand and respect that we are grounded in the Northwest and focus a significant amount of time and energy protecting and preserving the environment that provides many of the ingredients that produce our amazing beer.

Breakside has always tried to be very active in our community to try and preserve and protect our water resources. Whether we partner with local non-profit organizations, local businesses or host events, we realize the importance of clean water resources and work hard to try and protect them.

Established: 2010

Based: Portland, Oregon


“Make no mistake about it – great water is as important a part of great beer as aromatic hops, perfectly tended malt, or well-managed yeast. We need our water to be plentiful, tasty, and clean. A healthy, sustainable watershed is essential to our longterm ability to make a wide-range of delicious beers and keep our business healthy.”

Ben Edmunds, Brewmaster.