At Block 15, we strive to make a positive impact on the community by creating partnerships with local charitable organizations, especially those that share our dedication to responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. We are proud to be a member of the Oregon Brewshed Alliance and to support their dedication to the conservation and protection of our rivers, streams, and wild areas. We look forward to making a greater positive impact with each year that passes. Partnering with the OBA is one more way we can live our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint as a business, promoting sustainability, and creating environmentally friendly (damn good) beer and food!

Katy Maxwell, Brewpub Manager at Block 15

Block 15 Brewing Company

Mission: Block 15 is a community of diverse individuals that work together toward a common goal of providing our guests with a positive and memorable experience. And as a community, we have an underlying company culture. This culture is built upon positivity, teamwork, respect, and the pursuit of creating world-class offerings. Simply put, this culture provides for our guests damn good beer, food, and service in our unique and comfortable atmosphere with a high-energy positive vibe, every single time.

Established: 2008

Based: Corvallis, Oregon


Sustainability: Responsible environmental stewardship is one the foundations of Block 15. Our brewers are committed to sustainability and good stewardship in our beer production. This includes brewing efficiently in order to reduce the use of water, reducing and recycling waste, using organic and regional ingredients, and participating in environmental programs to save energy and divert water back to rivers and streams. In addition to water conservation, we also recycle our spent grains in partnership with local farmers. We brew with organic, regional grains whenever possible, and nearly all of the fruit in our beer is grown in Oregon. The restaurant staff is also committed to sustainability – we choose to use local and regional ingredients when feasible, reduce water and energy use, and participate in recycling and composting programs. We use energy-efficient lighting that is only on when needed, attend to running water, turn on cooking elements only when needed, and will only bring straws and water to you upon request. As a styrofoam-free restaurant, even our to-go containers are compostable! All of our used cooking oil is recycled into an alternative fuel, and we recycle everything else that is recyclable, such as glass, newspaper, old menus, wine corks, plastic bags, and cardboard packaging. We regularly partner with local environmental organizations such as Ocean Blue Project, Corvallis Environmental Center, and the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition to offer fundraising opportunities, as well as plan and participate in events such as beach cleanups, invasive plant removal, and educational sessions. We want our future generations to be able to brew beer and cook great food for yours, using the same fresh ingredients from the beautiful Willamette Valley that we enjoy today. We can make this happen through innovative and meticulous attention to conservation and sustainable practices. We hope you will join us and raise a pint of responsibly-crafted beer in a toast to our children’s children—and to our one and only planet Earth. Cheers!