Bear Creek/Nicolai-Wickiup Watershed – Astoria’s Brewshed®

Sipping on a Quick Wit Ale or Vortex IPA in Fort George Brewery’s tap room may not feel like saving the planet, but in many ways it is.


Located in Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River, Fort George Brewery draws its water from Bear Creek inside the greater Nicolai-Wickiup watershed. The City of Astoria recently decided to cut back on timber harvests surrounding Bear Creek, not just for clean water, but to offset carbon emissions.

Preserving mature forests sequesters carbon, the greenhouse gas fueling global climate change. And Oregon’s national forests actually make up six of the ten top carbon-storing forests in the country, so one of most impactful things we can do is protect our climate change fighting wildlands. So enjoy that Belgian style Fort George ale! Saving the planet is thirsty work.

Three Way IPA - courtesy of Fort George Brewery